I am in pain … what do I do?
Call the practice as early as possible after 8am and we will endeavour to see you the same day.

Can I have white fillings?
Yes … talk to your dentist and they will discuss the merits of all the modern materials used in dentistry today. There is a wide choice of available materials, all of which can be discussed with your dentist.

Can I have my teeth whitened?
Yes … bleaching teeth is a very effective and safe way to brighten and lighten dark or stained teeth. Your dentist will discuss with you the procedure and systems that we use.

Do I have to live locally?
No. We are very happy to see you wherever you live. If you need special arrangements, for example, longer appointment times, or a taxi service, we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Do I need X-rays?
As a new patient we need to take X-rays (unless medically contraindicated), to show the condition of the jaw, the sinuses, the areas between the teeth and underneath your fillings.

We operate a special computerised X-ray unit which dispenses only a fraction of the radiation of a normal X-ray and can be seen on the screen immediately.

When can I join Denplan?
Once your initial examination (and any necessary treatment) has been completed, you can be signed onto Denplan. The costs and level of cover will be discussed in detail with your dentist.