Many people worry when their dentist recommends root canal therapy. However, in most cases this is a relatively pain-free procedure and a preferred alternative to removing the tooth. Root canal therapy requires the removal of an inflamed or dead nerve within the tooth, the main causes being:

Untreated decay which has spread to the pulp/nerve chamber

The removal of deep decay in the tooth which has entered into or close to the pulp/nerve chamber

Deep or complex restorations, such as a fillings or crowns

Infected tooth causing an abscess on the root

A knock to the tooth causing trauma to the nerve

Root canal treatment usually requires 2 visits. The first is to locate and remove the nerves and place a medicated dressing in the tooth. At the second visit, the dentist will check that no infection is present, continue cleaning and shaping the canals and then fill and seal them to prevent any further bacteria infecting the tooth. It is recommended to then protect the tooth with a crown or onlay.

Our dentists have invested in the latest equipment, such as dental loupes and a dental microscope, and regularly attend further training courses to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Root Canal Treatment prices start from £425 per tooth.

Wycombe Dental Root Canal Therapy

For complex cases, your dentist may refer you to our in-house dentist with a special interest in Root Canal Therapy or to a specialist Endodontist.