Seeking straighter teeth? What are your options?

Children commonly have corrective treatment for their teeth because they are gapped, or crooked or overcrowded but as we get older we are less likely to seek out the treatment we need. These days however, there is no excuse to suffer in silence, or let any dental imperfections affect your confidence.  Many cosmetic treatments that are suitable for adults have been developed that can transform your smile into one a little more perfect. Teeth straightening is a cosmetic option that is now readily available and easy to achieve whatever your budget. Options differ in the way that they work, what areas of the mouth they work on and the time that they take to make the changes you need but provided you book a consultation with a professional to discuss the changes you want to make there will definitely be something to help you achieve straighter teeth.

Fixed braces are the most well-known of the teeth straightening options and remain a great option. Lasting anything up to 2 years they will provide a long term corrective solution and are very effective. But fixed wire non-removable braces are not for everyone and for most adults the obtrusiveness of this solution can be off putting. This is why a number of other methods have developed that either offer a fixture that is removable, or a fixture that is unobtrusive. At Wycombe Dental we provide teeth straightening treatments of both types.

straighter teeth - your options

Our removable aligners gently exert a pressure that squeezes the front teeth into position. Though effective at the front of the mouth they are not suitable for back teeth. Removable aligners provide excellent flexibility as they can be taken out whenever needed, which is useful at mealtimes and when attending special events. At Wycombe Dental one of the options we use is the Inman Aligner. One of its key benefits is that it offers quite short treatment times. We also offer a system called Smile Tru which are clear flexible plastic trays that fit closely over the teeth and are updated regularly as incremental movement is achieved.

Our C-Fast option is suitable for making changes to a specific area of the mouth – the top and bottom front six teeth. It works by using clear orthodontic brackets and tooth coloured nickel titanium wires to squeeze the teeth into place. Though not removable they blend in and are not clearly visible to others. A benefit of this treatment is that it tends to work more quickly than clear aligners.

Straightening your teeth has never been easier, and options for treatment never so varied. With something to sit everyone all it takes is a call to book that consultation. Our team of experts will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision on what is right for you.

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