Teeth Straightening

We are able to offer a number of solutions to straighten crooked teeth or re-contour your smile. Call us on 01494 442 922 to book your free consultation*. (*We will request a £30 deposit when booking the appointment, which will be refunded at the appointment. It is non-refundable if the appointment is not attended or less than 48 hours cancellation notice is given).

Clear Aligners (removable braces)


Clear aligners are an alternative to fixed braces and treatment times are usually shorter. Aligners are thin clear flexible plastic trays which fit closely over the teeth. A series of aligners are used to move the teeth incrementally according to a treatment plan developed by the dentist and laboratory.


We offer a number of Clear Aligner systems. Click on the logo links for further information.

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Teeth straightening before and after

Clear Fixed Braces          cfast

Cfast orthodontic treatment

Cfast is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth. Cfast uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. Tooth movement is much more predictable and usually more than twice as quick compared to clear aligners. Visit www.cfastresults.com for further information. Click here to view a short Cfast video.



In simple terms it means modifying the size shape and relationship of the bones of the face and jaws. To align crowded teeth we can either remove teeth to fit the size of the jaw, or develop and increase the size of the jaw to allow the teeth to fit without crowding. The exact type of treatment required to correct your problem will depend upon the information gained from our diagnosis. Everyone is different and therefore it is essential to set up a treatment plan that fits the individual. We recommend staring to look at the issue from the age of 8-9 yrs.