Our Top Tips for Looking After Your Teeth over Christmas

With Christmas decorations already starting to appear and Christmas songs creeping onto the radio airwaves, it’s hard not to start thinking about Christmas, whether it’s getting your shopping started or making plans for the holidays. We all look forward to indulging in all of the treats on offer over the Christmas period and taking time to relax, but this time of year can be tough on your teeth.

With all of the sugary treats on offer and the regular snacking that’s often encouraged, our teeth are left much more vulnerable to developing decay. So how can you enjoy Christmas and still look after your teeth? Here are 5 useful tips:

Try to keep your indulgences to meal times

When it comes to looking after your teeth, it’s less about the amount of food that you eat, but more about how frequently you eat. It’s better to keep sweet treats to meal times rather than snacking throughout the day as this will mean that your teeth have less exposure to sugars that can cause decay.

Keep to your oral hygiene routine

Even with everything going on throughout Christmas, especially if you are staying with friends or family away from home, it’s really important to carry on with your oral hygiene routine. After indulging in chocolates, sugary snacks, drinks and alcohol, make the effort to brush your teeth before you fall asleep on the sofa.

Remember, if you have consumed especially sugary and acidic foods or drink, remember to wait an hour before you brush your teeth. The acid weakens the enamel of your teeth, so brushing your teeth immediately could brush away some of the weakened layer of enamel and leave your teeth more vulnerable to decay. Rinsing your teeth out with water can help to clear the acid from your mouth as you wait to brush your teeth.

Try to enjoy things in moderation

At Christmas, we all have a tendency to overindulge to some extent. It’s easy to get carried away and eat whatever food is on offer, even when you feel a little full-up. As it’s not how much sugary foods you eat, but how often you have them that is a problem for your teeth, there’s nothing wrong with saying no thank you when the tin of chocolates is passed round the room.

Tuck into the cheese board

Why not ignore the box of chocolates that has been opened and go for a little cheese instead. Cheese is good for your teeth as it helps to neutralise the acids in your mouth and help to prevent tooth decay. Even a small cube of cheese can help to return the mouth to its natural acidic balance.

Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum can also help to prevent tooth decay. It makes the mouth produce more saliva, which helps to neutralise acid in the mouth from sugary food and drinks, much in the same way that cheese does.

After Christmas, why not book a dental check-up and an appointment with a hygienist? Regular hygienist visits are important for maintaining good oral health. Call today on 01494 442922 or email info@wycombe-dental.co.uk.

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